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Established in 1982, the National Women’s Commission of Belize (NWC) serves as an advisory body to the Government on issues affecting gender equality, equity and womens’ empowerment.  Its establishment was a part of an overall effort of the Government to meet a series of international commitments, commencing in 1975 when Belize participated in the First World Conference on Women, to improve the situation of the nation’s women and girls.

In 1990, Belize both signed and ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).  This international ‘Bill of Rights’ for women sets standards and principles for the enjoyment of all civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights.

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Situation Analysis of Gender Issues in Belize


The Revised National Gender Policy (2013) is published in two parts. The actual policy document which provides a gendered framework for Belize within which five policy commitments are presented and the Situation Analysis (Sit An) of Gender Issues in Belize, the core component of the policy.

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The Revised National Gender Policy

GenderPolCvrThe production of this Revised National Gender Policy 2013 represents the culmination not only of a progressive body of work in Belize over the past two decades and counting, but also of a global evolution in the conceptualization of gender relations and its central place in the pursuit of human rights and human development.

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Women in Politics
Inaugural Training

The Women in Politics Project (WIP) is
a flagship programme of the
National Women’s Commission which
started in 2009 as a direct response
to CEDAWs recommendations to Belize.

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Billie Miller
WIP Guest Speaker

Dame Billie Miller,
former Deputy Prime Minister
of Barbados addresses the graduates
of the 1st “Women in Politics” Project.

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WIP Cohort II Graduates 22
Women for Politics

Anita Mesh, Graduate,
(Chairlady of San Jose Village)
receives her certificate from
Dr. Reddock.

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